Kailey Mo Becker is a graphic designer, culinary explorer,

fashion enthusiast, & ice cream aficionadA.

She specializes in brand management and flights of fancy.

My name is Kailey Mo, and I am a graphic designer and artist based out of beautiful St. Paul. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the creative field since I was in elementary school. I was likely the only 8 year old girl in history who said she wanted to grow up to be a comedian. I was one of the awkward kids who spent their extra time drawing, painting, making flip books out of notecards, and collecting rocks. I knew somewhere, there was a place for a weird, creative kid like me. Someplace where I can merge my love of language and communication with my natural talent for color theory and spacial awareness. I honed my creativity and weirdness at The University of Minnesota College of Design from 2007-2011. Since then I have absorbed everything I could from my professors as well as my peers. I have begun my design journey and I am excited to see where it leads to next!